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I welcome you to my reality.

HERE I am the voice and energy that directs you and demands your full awareness.

Your willingness and intentions will be put to the test rigorously - nothing, which is not based on an attitude of love and devotion - will withstand or be tolerated.

The physical and mental agony is the simple consequence of your obvious division brought to light and I will make you feel it, breathe it, bear it...

like a man worthy of my presence.

So I dare you to look deep inside yourself and tell me what you see there:

do your words mirror your actions or is it but thin and wasted air?

priestess seraphina

'when He opens a door

no devil can shut it'

Bist du bereit,
dich deiner Sehnsucht zu stellen?

#Domina #Herrin #Erniedrigung #Gehorsam #Wien #BDSM #Mistress #Dominatrix

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