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For lovers of pain, slaves & playthings


Schmerztherapie auf allen Ebenen

Are you ready to understand and grasp your life’s lessons?

A true slave is receptive, listens carefully and understands the space between the whip strokes, the electric shocks and the pinpricks. He is ready - while being physically chained up and constrained - to painfully realize his mental imprisonment… over and over again in all facets. He is present with his suffering. He is willing to experience true devotion and appreciates any help his mistress offers him to do so with dignity and elation. He trusts in her choice of treatment and surrenders to the pain and humiliation granted to him by her power. I consider it my purpose to make you face yourself in order to get you closer to yourself and my possibilities to help you are seemingly infinite.

I also consider it my responsibility to harness and discipline your lust and sexual craving. You would be surprised about the sudden change from something being pleasurable to it being unbearable. It will be your elation to feel how much delight and pleasure your mistress takes out of your suffering. After all, it will be an honor to look into her eyes right in that moment and with the last of your strength ask her to release you…

I look forward to having you with me.

nadelspiel, nadelung hals
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