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Path of purgatory

Here you are… at the beginning of your journey.

A journey of painful honesty, agony, torture and solicitation.


How come this path is so cruel and therefore only the strongest are here to walk it -

and solely the bare minimum arrive at the elysian threshold?

It’s simple: it demands your everything. In other words: the path will force you to face yourself. 

To look at your self-deceit, betrayal and all the bullshit you kept telling yourself from the beginning of time.

The things you have been telling yourself, which reinforce your throne of lies, will shatter in front of your very own eyes. The tactics you have been using to run from yourself are useless here - but you are the last one to see that, all the while your little performances are fully visible - some would call that humiliating

So, what are you really here for? Isn’t it that you crave something you can’t put a word on? You’re missing depth and seem to be punched around in the same old patterns and still getting in fights with your shadows

If you are aware of the really fucked up cycles you seem to find yourself in over and over again, you are already one step closer to facing what is truly you

Don’t fool yourself though as that means you have to prove your will to work on yourself and show the stamina to stand my challenges. Lamentations and whining won’t be tolerated here. The only things that count are your sincere spirit accompanied by the congruent action

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