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Lila Kama


Your refuge to BE


Sink inside yourself

Guided by a young woman, who knows how to lead you into the depths of your own being by shining the light onto it.
Making visible what's hidden in the dark corners of your ego.

For you to painfully face where you are and where you belong.

On your knees begging for absolution.

My world is the true form of SM in its psychological and mystical manifestation.
It's not for you if you are not willing to listen, learn and leave the all too known realms of your mind.
If you are brave enough to follow my lead, and only then, we will dive into new worlds and experience what's possible on every level of

Fully present with all that is.

Shed the layers of control

...just feel and simply be...


Come home to yourself

Be my guest of transformation on the playground of consciousness.


Der Schmerz ist der große Lehrer der Menschen.

Unter seinem Hauche entfalten sich die Seelen.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

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